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Home Health Agency Advice: The FAST Test for Symptoms of Stroke

May 8, 2018 by Lisa Carson RN, BSN

May is the American Stroke Awareness Month and to honor it, we are spreading awareness of a simple test our home health agency specialists use to quickly determine if their senior client is experiencing a stroke. If any warning signs are present, they can go through the following steps of the FAST test for strokes.

The test is appropriately named, as FAST stands for the following things:

  • F – Face (the caregivers need to ask the senior to smile and see whether they can do it properly)
  • A – Arms (the care providers are required to check whether the senior can keep their hands in an upright position without them dropping down)
  • S – Speech (the senior should be asked to try to repeat simple sentences as a way for the caregiver to see if everything is okay with their speech)
  • T – Time (if any of the aforementioned symptoms is spotted, it’s time to call the emergency)

The FAST test is an easy and quick way to check whether a stroke is happening or not. Unfortunately, this method isn’t 100% foolproof. Sometimes, the signs of stroke are mild, thus difficult to spot. The bad news is that even a mild stroke can leave severe consequences.

That is the reason why hiring a quality home health agency with experienced care providers is of utmost importance to the health and wellbeing of your senior. Otherwise, an inexperienced caregiver may miss spotting the symptoms of stroke, which could have grave consequences.

The worst-case scenario is, of course, death. But, there are many other complications even a very mild stroke can cause. Those include lasting problems with vision, speech, and/or balance, as well as partial or complete paralysis of the patient’s limbs or the face.   

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