Long Term Care Vs. Short Term Care in Lubbock, TX

Learn what distinguishes long term care from short term care.

Home care is the preferred method of care for seniors with both short and long term needs. While most components of short and long-term care are quite similar, there are important differences, as well.

What is Short Term Care?

Short-term care typically refers to supports and services with a duration of less than six months. In addition, the general prognosis during short-term care is positive. The expectation is that seniors receiving short-term care will recover from their condition or will have recovered to the point where they can provide most or all of their own care.

What is Long Term Care?

Long-term care usually lasts longer that six months and may even transition into hospice. That said, not every senior receiving long-term care is terminal. Instead, long-term care typically addresses conditions that are chronic, progressive, or recurrent. There is seldom an expectation that the senior will overcome a condition or that the care will taper and/or cease over time. Long-term care is frequently used to support seniors with congestive heart failure, lung disease, arthritis, frailty, dementia, Alzheimer's disease, and many autoimmune disorders.

What Are The Differences In Care?

Short and long-term care are viewed differently by insurance companies, including the US government, as well. This means that preparing for a senior's potential need for short or long-term care requires foresight and planning on both fronts. Understanding choices before they are needed not only reduces worry, but it can lead to a much smoother delivery of services and supports if they are required. This is especially important for seniors depending on Medicare support.

Despite the differences, it is important to remember that both short and long-term care can be provided in residential facilities or in the comfort and convenience of the senior's own home by taking advantage or in-home senior care. Being able to receive care and support at home not only reduces stress and anxiety, but it actually increases the rate of recovery for short-term injuries and illnesses while adding quality of life and strengthening a senior's level of independence.

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