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Assisted Living Home Care for Seniors with Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is something that millions of seniors struggle with. Assisted living home care makes it easier and safer for seniors to live at home when they have significant hearing loss. The National Institute of Deafness and Other Communication Disorders states that one in three individuals between 65 and 75 in the United States are living with hearing loss. Additionally, almost fifty percent of seniors who are over 75 have some type of hearing impairment. Hearing loss occurs when someone can’t hear sounds as well as other while deafness is defined as the inability to hear even when sound is amplified.

Even though hearing loss is common in seniors it can happen gradually, and seniors may not realize it is happening. Others may think they have a problem but refrain from telling their loved ones because they are embarrassed. Since hearing loss can worsen if it is left untreated, home care agencies say that it’s essential that you identify whether your senior loved one has this issue. Some of the most common symptoms of hearing loss include:

  • Turning up the television or radio to a high volume
  • Struggling to follow conversations
  • Asking people to repeat themselves
  • Missing phone calls or the doorbell
  • Twisting the neck to attempt to hear sound
  • Muffled hearing
  • Staying away from social events 

How Assisted Living Home Care Helps Seniors with Hearing Loss

Assisted living home care can provide the support and encouragement that seniors with hearing loss need so that they can live safely and comfortably at home and continue to socialize with friends and family. A caregiver from an assisted living home care agency can suggest adaptive equipment that will make it easier for your senior loved one to be comfortable at home like devices that make it easier for your loved one to hear the telephone, the TV and other appliances. Doorbells and alarms that flash lights instead of making sounds are also great for seniors with hearing loss.

A caregiver can also go with your senior loved one to the store, the doctor’s office, and to social events so that your loved one won’t feel uncomfortable or embarrassed if they can’t hear what people are saying. The caregiver can discreetly help your loved one so that they can be confident interacting with others.

If you have a loved one in Lubbock, TX that is experiencing hearing loss and you want to know more about how assisted living home care can help your loved one call us today. One of our compassionate caregivers will be glad to answer your questions.

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