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Home Health Care Providers Share Holiday Stress Management Tips For Seniors

Dec 12, 2017 by Lisa Carson RN, BSN

The majority of Americans feel stressed during the holidays. Since this time of year should typically involves quality family time, sharing meals, and relaxation, older adults should make every effort to manage stress during this time of year. Home health care providers at Comfort Keepers of Lubbock, TX have the following tips for reducing holiday stress among seniors:

Determine A Budget

Seniors can feel pressured to buy expensive gifts for grandchildren and other family members. This can be extremely stressful for seniors that are on a tight budget. Seniors should make a budget of what they can afford to spend each holiday season and then find gifts that will fit within that budget. Home health care providers can help seniors create a budget for holiday gifts.

Maintain Your Regular Routine

Often times, the holidays throw us off of our regular eating, sleeping, and exercise routines. When this happens, we may experience weakness, which may result in stress and anxiety. By maintaining your regular routine, you can avoid negative feelings and continue to live a healthy lifestyle and stay relaxed despite everything that is going on.

Limit Alcohol Intake

Although it’s okay to indulge with a glass of wine during a holiday gathering, over drinking can lower your inhibitions and cause you to engage in aggressive or argumentative behavior. Alcohol can also weaken the immune system, leaving seniors more susceptible to common health issues. If you are hosting a gathering at your home, make sure you limit the amount of alcohol you provide to friends and family. 

Focus on What You’re Grateful For

When the going gets tough, you should think about what you are grateful for in order boost your mood. Maybe you’re glad that you get to travel to a new place with your family for the holidays or maybe you’re thankful that you have a cozy house with hearty food, or a sibling that you get to spend quality time with.

Confide in a Family Member or Friend

Holding negative thoughts inside can cause your stress levels to skyrocket. Therefore, you should find a family member or close friend who you trust and share your thoughts and feelings with them. Sharing your thoughts and feelings in a calm and rational manner can reduce stress buildup.

Stay Active

One of the best ways to manage stress during the holidays is to stay active. But cold weather and lack of sleep can make it tough for seniors to get out and get active. Home health care providers can help seniors get to the gym for group fitness classes or assist them with routine stretches and home exercises they need to stay healthy during the winter.

Set Time for Yourself

With so much going on during the season, you may find that you don’t have any time for yourself. Taking time for yourself, even if it’s only a few minutes, can give you the opportunity to breathe and clear your mind. You can listen to your favorite song, get a massage, or participate in a hobby that makes you happy.

You as well as your family members can enjoy a happier, less stressful holiday season by maintaining a regular routine, staying active and maintaining financial stability.

If your senior loved one in Lubbock, TX or in the nearby areas has been struggling to stay healthy at home, contact us today to find out more about the benefits of having home health care providers for seniors. 

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