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Winter Preparedness Checklist: Making Sure Your Senior Stays Well During the Cold Months

Nov 5, 2018 by Lisa Carson RN, BSN

Winters aren’t usually harsh in Texas, but the days can get pretty cold during those couple of months. And that can take a real toll on a person’s health and wellbeing. This goes double for senior citizens, particularly those who live on their own.

If you have an aging loved one who lives alone in a house in Lubbock or some other part of Texas, here are some things you can do to make sure they will be safe and sound over the winter:

  • Check their furnace and other heating units
  • Test smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Make sure that there are a couple of fire extinguishers in their home (one in the kitchen, one in the living room, and so on)
  • Prepare for an emergency by buying canned food and bottled water that would last for at least a couple of days in the case of a heavy storm
  • Buy gadgets that the senior could find essential in case of an emergency (flashlights, matches, lighters, power bank, etc.)

Sure, taking care of these things would definitely help your senior over the winter, but if you have to have a real peace of mind that they’re gonna be well, the solution is to hire professionals for the job. Comfort Keepers from Lubbock offer all sorts of home health services to the seniors, including both part-time and full-time care.

This means that if you’re not able to come by your senior’s place and help them out during the cold days, they can do the job for you. Comfort Keepers’ caregivers can help the senior with a wide range of tasks, including the following:

  • Grocery shopping
  • Running errands
  • Picking up doctor’s prescriptions and getting their medication
  • Help with medication management
  • Assistance with household work
  • Help with personal tasks, e.g. grooming, bathing, etc.

To learn more about their home health services, feel free to visit Comfort Keepers’ offices in Lubbock or just give them a call at (806) 228-7359. 

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